Hey everyone, the Hypersprint is over, it was an incredible week! Thanks again to you all for participating and making this happen, together we were able to crunch several months of work into only one week and are now able to work with the results. Before I go into the user feedback, here is what we have been working on so far:

Quick Recap

Based on the sprint collaboration in Miro we were able to create individual concepts and merge them into one beautiful storyboard:


Feel free to download a PDF version of it here:

Hummingbot Hypersprint - Website.pdf

This was a perfect and precise basis for us to power through the past couple of days and create the visual interface design and website prototype, which you can access here:


This prototype was shown and tested with 5 people in total:

All of them have experience in financial trading or crypto-currencies. Two of the participants were familiar with Hummingbot as a product, but not active users.


Overall, the feedback was very positive, but there was some confusion about for whom the product was for and how it would benefit them in particular.